Netware 6.5sp4a, upgraded inplace from nw5.1sp8.
Sys Volume, 12 GB. Have 20GB available in a pool call SYS_NSS ready to
do the conversion.

Have portlock scorpion but it only currently supports through nw65sp2 or
3. The beta version supposedly supports through sp5. Or is the
shipping version of scorpion okay.

We are going to try this on a test server first, with the beta if we can
get it.

If you do use VCU, are these the proper procedures.

Make 2 backups of sys volume. Do a dsrepair all

1. Disable logins, make certain nothing is accessing server.
2. Do we need to unload DS.nlm and if so, at this point (someone say to
copy _netware completely, you had to.
3. Start VCU from the command line or java console.
4. If command line, VCU /m SYS SYS_NSS.

I am confused about the /m switch. We have legacy print queues on SYS
volumes and potentially some user directories (I think all user
directories have been moved elsewhere). Will the /m switch properly and
automatically convert SYS (tfs) to SYS_OLD and new nss sys back to SYS
with all rights and objects correctly reassigned.

Also, the manual states "By using the /m switch, VCU also lets you
rename the volume's default eDirectory object for both NSS and
Traditional volumes (except for the sys: volume). What does this mean.
Use /m for SYS or not and what is the proper steps to do this in order
for it to work properly.

Is it advisable to use the /d option to automatically deleted the
original tfs SYS volume, or should it be done manually later.

5. Restart the server
6. Everything should be startup okay and all directory rights retained.