The sys volume on one of our NW6 servers is nearly full. The volume is
located on a pair of 36Gb Seagate SCSI 320 drives on an Adaptec 29160
controller. The volume is mirrored.

I added another pair of drives, also 36Gb Seagate SCSI 320, to the
controller, formatted them, etc.

I could find nothing in the Novell documentation, and nothing in the
Console 1 help on how to extend a mirrored volume. So, I just added the
two new devices to the NSS drive pool. They were accepted to the pool and
NW created partitions on the drive.

However, the new partitions are not mirrored. The NSS volume settings
allow it to grow to maximum pool size, which is over 100Gb now, instead of
about 72Gb, which it should be if the new drives were part of the mirror.

How do I get the new partitions to be part of the mirror group? It does
not show as an available option in Console 1, but rather is grayed out.

Will the mirror automatically extend itself as the volume grows?

Gregg Shepherd