We have NetWare 6.5 sp4. Suddenly on Saturday we had all the data pools
wiped out. SYS is still there, but all the rest has gone. It does not seem
hardware issue as SYS itself has NSS partitions spread over two hard drives
(plus the three hard drives seem to be detected fine). The rest of the
partitions are there but not used by any pool I had originally created. I
cannot do any maintenance on the pool as they are not recognised by NetWare
once you call them up. Once I list the pools on the console I just get SYS
and _ADMIN. This is pretty scary. I can see the pools still there on
ConsoleOne but cannot do anything as all the management is done by
IManager.On IManager I just get the two active pools and the partitions how
they were originally set up, but no linking to any pool or volumes.

No backup was involved once the pools disappeared. Anyone got a clue of
what might have happened and how I can get the pools back?