Some background:

NW 6.5 sp5 server

Sys volume - local mirrored pair - 18 gig
Vol1 volume - san attached 1 terrabyte LUN/Partition/pool/volume size

Desire: to expand vol1 to 2 terrabytes

How? I would like to expand the NSS partition to 2 terabyte, but I do not
see this as an option in NSSMU

I see I can make a new NSS partition, and expand the POOL, by adding the
pool free space to this partition.

I can then expand the volume size to fill up the newly resized pool.

However, I dont like this, it reminds me of the volume segment issues back
in the TFS days.

How can the pool exist over multiple partitions, it just does not seem "right".

If there is no way to resize the partition without deleting it, I just may
do that, as I am not completely comfortable with this procedure.

Any thoughts, or another way to resize partition?