We have a HPML350 G3 with a 642 raid controller.

We previously, in nw51, had the following volumes

VOL1-VOL1 pool
VOL2-VOL2 pool
VOL3-VOL3 pool
VOL4-VOL4 pool
VOL5-VOL5 pool

Vol2 and Vol3 were both increased from their original size when an
additional drive was added to the RAID (a 2nd logical RAID volume (not
certain if this is the correct term) and the 72GB free space was split
between these two volume making them what I think is called multi-segment.

Because we added a 2nd server to the system, Vol2 (old GW) volume in no
longer needed, Vol 4 was deleted, then its pool and 2/3's of this
resulting free space was used to create a 20GB SYS_NSS pool and the TFS
sys volume was converted via TFS to the SYS_NSS pool. The SYS-TFS
traditional netware partition is now available as soon as we want to
delete it. In addition, most of Vol3, old user data is available. If
we move the traditional print queues off of Vol3, then it is entirely

What is the best way to move the old volumes/pools and allocate them
between VOL1 and VOL5, the only 2 remaining Volumes other than the new
NSS sys volume. We are concerned about the most reliable method. We do
have portlock available.

Should the vol2 and vol3 volumes be removed, then their pools, creating
free space. Should this free space then just be added partially to vol1
and then the remaining free space to vol5. Should the SYS_OLD volume be
deleted and the netware partition deleted before or after the free space
is added to vol1 and vol5.


Reliability is of the utmost concern.