I have a test environment. Both are NetWare 6.5.5 boxes. Server A is initiator, server B is the target. With no LDAP authentication configured the system functions as expected. Server A connects to Server B fine. Files are accessible. If I enable LDAP security on the target, nothing will be displayed when issuing a iscsinit discover [target ip address]. There are no errors displayed in the logger on the target server when issuing TON command. Server A is a Trustee (with default rights) of the iscsi-00e6ef64-e6d9-da11-b458-0000e235b848 object in C1. eDir is I can connect via an ldap browser to server B and I see no errors Anyone have any ideas what or where to look for a resolution? What is the importance of having LDAP enabled?

Logger screen shows this on target after 'iscsinit discover [ip]' when ldap is enabled. ldap traces show nothing.

* *
* CID: 0 *
* ISID: 1616353956480 *
* TSIH: 3 *

Timothy Fitch
IT Supervisor
Fisher Associates