We ve the following problem:

We use Solidworks 2006 and its upgrade mechanisme.

Solidworks 2006 uses a exe swspmanager.exe to launch its program. By every
start the program first will check if there is a SP update available on
the UNC location from where it is installed.
If so it installs the SP automatically, if not it starts the program
Solidworks 2006.

Now the issue is that this updatecheck mechanisme is working fine when the
Admin install is located on a Windows UNC location, and if the Admin
install is located on a NSS volume the proces isn't working ok. A client
that starts the process swspmanager.exe will start Solidworks 2006 without
looking for updates. (it looks like it can't look to the updatelocation)
When you install Solidworks 2006 on a client from scratch from a Netware
UNC location there is no problem, but for us it is important that also the
upgrade mechanisme is working ok.

I ve tested it with Netware 6 SP5/Netware 6.5 SP3 and SP5
The windows environnement was 2000 server.
I ve also tested it with Novell client 4.9SP2 and 4.91 SP2.

Does someone know this issue?