I've got a client who is interested in adding some additional space to
their existing IBM xSeries server running Netware 6, but they want to do
it as inexpensively as possible, as they are planning to replace the
server very soon. They have a RAID 5 array of SCSI drives in the server
that they want to free up some space on. Since USB support doesn't exist
for 6.0, I suggested they add an IDE drive, since they just need
someplace to migrate non-critical data to. I have tried adding two
different IDE hard drives to the system, first a 200 GB drive and then an
80 GB drive when it became unclear whether the BIOS in the server would
properly recognize the 200 GB drive. In both cases, the Netware
operating system does not properly recognize the hard drive, when I List
Devices, it lists the RAID array, the IDE CDROM drive and an "Unbound
Device Object." The server has been patched to SP5 for Netware 6.0.
Any suggestions would be welcome.