Netware 6 server, latest support pack on 1 year old hardware.

Installed an Adaptec 29160LP U160 card in slot 3. Netware sees this fine.

Installed a Quantum Superloader 3 tape library on the external connector
of the above card. Went into the SCSI bios and enabled multi-lun support
for scsi id 4 which is what the tape drive is on. At boot time, the scsi
card sees the tape drive and library, LUN 0 and 1.

Load line in startup.ncf looks like this:

If I load NWASPI, I cannot see the tape drive or library. If I load
NWTAPE, I can see the tape drive but not the library. I have tried SCAN
ALL LUNS to no avail. What am I missing in order to see the library?