actually we are running an SCSI-Cluster with NW6 SP5. Because of troubles
with the scsi subsystem, the idea was to replace the SCSI tower with 2
iscsi servers running nw6.5 sp5.

To transfer the cluster volumes to the iscsi target, i tried to mirror the
existing paritions (when the cluster is running) to the iscsi machines. I
installed iscsi SP2 (iscsi V1.03) to the Nw6 cluster and connected to the
target and started the mirror process.

Everything seems good, until the first partition finished the mirror.
After that all 4 iscsi devices (2 per iscsi-Server) became disconnected
(Drive deactivation due device failure).

HW:NW6 cluster server: Pentium IV, 2GB Ram, 3C2000 gigabit card f. Iscsi-
subnet, 3c905c for the network, 4 volumes between 36 an 72 GB on the scsi-
NW6.5 iscsi Server: Pentium IV, 1,5 GB Ram,3C2000 gigabit, adaptec 2410
Raid s-ata;
Netgear 16port GigbitSwitch for iscsi only

We tried to setup a testenvironment with 2 nw6.5 server, with simple
reltek rt8169 gigabit card, scsi device connected to the initiator and an
sata-raid on the iscsi target, setup 4 mirror sets. There were no errors
working with this environment.

Does anybody have an idea, whats wrong with my clustersetup? And how I can
avoid the drive disconnection of the iscsi devices ?

Thanks for any help,

regards from austria

Reinhold Steininger