On a NW server 6.0 SP5 compare the below message after I start a poolverify

Nss /poolverify

Errors: NONE
Unaccounted Blocks exist.
Pool System Report 'Blocks in use' in error

Server first was started with server -na (without autoexec.ncf)

I'm unable to image the sys-vol with Portlock 3.36. After the check compare:

Unassigned Block: 45
Errors within the NSS file system
Run a "Pool Verify" and confirm that there are no errors.
Possible pool corruption
Pool rebuild may be required to correct this problem-

The server is running without problems. I have a ArcServe backup of the sys
but how can I bring it back if the rebuild operation fails?

What are the risks off a nss /poolrebuild ?

Horst Kerschbaumer