I'm trying to migrate a folder full of Macintosh files from a nw6.0sp5
server NSS compressed volume over to a cluster volume on a nw6.5sp4 box
that is NSS and not compressed. I'm using the "Novell Server
Consolidation and Migration Toolkit" - it says v4.1.508.15 under Help.
Anyway, the source files have "/" and other Mac specific characters in
the filenames and folder names. On the destination the "/" chars have
been replaced with "_" and other Mac chars such as the copyright and
trademark chars are substituted for something else too. Also, on many
folders the "~1" chars are added to the end of the names. The tsa's on
the 6.0 and 6.5 boxes were the default tsa's for their respective
service packs but I did download tsa5up19 and apply those to both
machines - but that didn't help. It's almost like the migration utility
sees the source files as something other than Mac namespace - or maybe
it thinks the destination can't handle Mac namespace; but I think I
would be getting plenty of errors on the nuwagent screen on the
destination. I get none there at all; also the error log at the end of
the migration doesn't have a single error listed.

Any thoughts?
Wayne Fee
Academic Computing Services
Appalachian State University