Hi All,

Currently getting an error:

Date; time; CONM-3.22-1XX [nmID=A00XX]
NSS-2.70-500X: Pool Srv/Vol had an error (20012(zfsFileMap.c[4998])) at
block 1470892(file block -1470892) (ZID 36834766)

Version of NetWare 6.5 Support Pack Revision 02
Server Version 5.70.02 June 11, 2004
NDS Version 10551.13 26 May 2004

NSS (Novell Storage Services) (Build 981 MP)
Version 3.22 18 November 2004

Have checked the Novell Web Sites and the NPRS May 2006 and cannot find
any reference to the above errors.

It maybe a requirement to carry out some form of NSS/Rebuild, but as
this is a production Server/Pool, I would need to have a valid reason
to carry out this work and without a TID or Novell statement as to the
reasons why it may not be possible to get agreement on this.

Thank you for your help.
Mick D

P.S: I'm aware that we may be a little behind with SP's, but again as
this is production I would need to go through Change Control to have
SP's updated.