Just curious about others experience. We have a mix of dell servers,
2800,4400,46XX, etc, all with RAID 5 set up through the Perc controllers
using NSS volumes; but we've seen more than few cases where a drive failure
will doom the associated pool/volume soon therafter.

Most recently we had a server go down with a bad drive, as in black screen.
We got it back, but a few days later started having problems with the pool,
finally had to do a nss /poolrebuild which stated that 140mb were lost, but
at least we got it back up. (What 140mb was lost anyway?)

Why isn't the fact we have raid 5 setup keeping these things going.
Most of these are running nw65sp5 btw.

Sorry i couldn't be more specific, but i can think of this happening
4 or 5 other times, and h/w other than a disk drive was always OK.