We have a netware 6.5 server which is about 3 years old. It is currently
running service pack 4a. Since it was new we have had periodic problems
with "user data write" errors and pool deactivations. We are using an Intel
SRCU42x RAID controller to mirror a pair of Maxtor 70 GB drives, and a pair
of Maxtor 36 GB drives (the 36 GB drives were added a little over a year
ago). The 70 GB mirror houses the Sys volume and our main data volumes. It
is also where we are experiencing the errors. We can go a few months
without error, but the issue will always resurface. I do an NSS
/poolrebuild /purge and the problem is usually resolved for at least a
little while. Trying to utilize snapshots seems to exacerbate the problem.
Over the years we have tried updating the RAID controller firmware and
drivers. At one point we even convinced Intel to replace the original
SRCU42x with a new one.

At this point I am thinking I can either attempt to replace the hard drives
or replace the server all together. I am not sure the budget is available
to replace the entire server. But I am not sure how to go about replacing
the mirrored 70 GB drives to get the Sys and Data volumes moved to the new
drive and get the server back up and running. Does anyone have suggestions
on how to accomplish this? Could you point me to step by step
documentation? What is the probability that replacing the hard drives will
solve my problem?

Thanks for the help,

Brad Johnson