2 node DL360 HP servers attached to MSA 500 system RAID 5, is about 3 1/2
years old. One of the pools has 3 volumes just recently one of the Volumes
(vol 2 dedicated only to document storage) looked to be running out of
storage room at a rate of about 2 gigs a day. The numbers however, do not
add up to documents actually created or modified in a day which through
windows search shows about 22 megs or so. Added a large volume 4 thinking
to move the data to that volume however when the volume was added the
storage space on vol2 increased that was on Friday, June 9 however, during
the weekend we have continued to loose space at the 2 gig rate. I
understand that virutal memory is allocated but this still does not add up
for me.

The volumes and partitions have no size limits implemented. As I said this
problem only just began about a week ago. Any help would be appreciated.