We have a NW6.5/SP2 (also NSS2b update) NCS cluster on a SAN. There are
about 21 NSS volumes on the cluster. One of the volumes just started
reporting on the console that it is out of space. If I look in MONITOR is
says it is 982% full. If I check free space from Windows it says there
are 14.5TB free. If I look at the volume stats in Windows (with client
4.91/SP2) it gives me all kinds of bizzarre numbers and garbage. However,
the volume appears to be funtional and users can create and access data on

The volume is over 250GB so I hope I do not need to restore from backup.
That could take a VERY long time. This is the first time I have ever had
any issues with an NSS volume (guess I must have been lucky). Any
suggestions? I tried moving the volume to other nodes on the cluster and
the problem just follows the volume around. Would an NSS rebuild be worth
a shot? We are still on 6.5/SP2 because I finally fixed the memory issues
and have the servers running rock solid with no problems. Guess I should
give SP5 serious consideration though. Thanks,