I have an HP Proliant ML370 NW6.5SP2 with a SA6404 Array Controller that has
4 drives in a RAID5 config. I used CPQONLIN to expand the array with 2
additional drives (as I have many times on other machines). Previously when
I've done this the logical drive automatically extended to include the new
space, and everything worked fine. Then I expanded pools, increased volume
size, etc.

This time, the original 4 drives are still assigned to 1 logical drive, and
the other 2 are just unused space. My only option appears to be to create
another logical drive.

HP support says I have to use NSSMU in order to get Netware to recognize the
drives and they don't support anything when you have to use NSSMU. This does
not sound right ... in my experience hard disks have had to be assigned to a
logical drive in a hardware array scenario.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix?