Currently we are running Netware 6 SP5 and Zenworks 4.01 IR7.

We have a Users volume that is 80gbs.

Every Last 2 weeks of each school semester we start to run out of space
in the Users Volume.

Unfortunately, due to our budget we are not able to purchase another
SCSI Hard Drive.

However, our budget will allow for an External USB hard drive, we would
like to make it available to certain users on our Novell network. This
would help us out with space problems on the users volume.

Is it possible to map an External USB hard drive on the novell network
and if so how is this task completed?

Also we would only like this volume to be available to certain users?

Would the External USB Hard Drive have to connected to the server or
could it be connected to my computer in my office to share the External
USB Hard Drive as a volume across a Novell Network?