We recently upgraded many of our sites to NW6.5 SP3. When doing so, we resized our Traditional volumes down, then used VCU to create and convert to NSS. Upon the completion of the upgrade, we're going back and deleting the old volumes/partitions, then going to expand the recently freed space to the NSS pools using nssmu, then letting the volumes grow to pool size.

Upon doing one site, the NSS pool had 11.6 gigs available to make a partition, so I accepted that. It created *3* partitions that are 11.76, 11.77, and 11.78gb long, and the pool size is now 66.44gb (instead of 42.xx gb, the maximum size it really should be!). The logical device is only 50.85gb (RAID 5, 18.6gb drives with 4 drives)

I went to view the info on these new partitions using PORTLOCK STORAGE MANAGER, and upon loading it says "Could not read the Netware 6 partition table Partition Index 5 Press any key to return".

If you advance to view the partition map, it says

Error: Could not read the netware 6 partition table
Device #1, sector:106,659,360
Press any key to return

Can someone point us in the right direction?