I had a complete meltdown with our NSS Pools recently? Were they became corrupted and deactivated.
(Details 10082622 NSS Rebuild stops due to volume corruption)

I think the corruption begain either due to me taking a snapshot of an NSS Pool or due to (backup remote agent) OFM.nlm from Veritas? The two pools reside on two separate servers and I only took a snapshot of one NSS Pool. I should not that once I applied the N65NSS4b.exe and ran the NSS PoolVerify/Rebuild, one Pool was recovered but was backdated to about Feb. of 2006 about five months ago? The other Pool (the one with the exact errors as described in the TID above) I had to blow out and recreate and restore from backup?

Now I don't trust my NSS Pools to be healthy. So the question is:

1) Is there a safe way to check that NSS Pool is healthy w/o corruptions?
2) Are there known issues with taking MM Snap of a Pool w/nw6.5 sp4?
3) Are there known issues with backup agents OFM/OTM as described by the TID?
4) Is it possible that the mirrored partitions on each Pool showed synchronized but they weren't? And say, four months later when they did synchronize, it corrupted the Pools?

Thank you,