Anyone experience this before?
Should I tell the users to save all their work, logout and run what it
states in the manual as shown below?

1.12.4 ReZIDing Volumes on NetWare


Place the pool in maintenance mode. At a terminal prompt, enter

nss /poolmaintenance=poolname


If you have not already run a pool verify, verify the pool to
determine if a rebuild is needed.

At the server console, enter

nss /poolverify=poolname


Review any errors on screen or in the filename.vlf file, located
at the root of the DOS drive.

For information, see Section 11.11.4, Reviewing Log Files for Errors.

To run Rebuild with the ReZID option, enter the following command
at the server console:

nss /poolrebuild=poolname /rezid

Replace poolname with the name of the pool you want to rebuild.

This checks all blocks in the system. Rebuilding can take several
minutes to several hours, depending on the number of

objects in the pool. For all systems, rezid adds a third pass to rebuild
which increases the time to rebuild a volume by

about 50%.

Review the log on screen or in the filename.rtf file to learn
what data has been lost during the rebuild.