I am trying to setup DFS on a NetWare 6.5 SP5 cluster. It all works fine as long as the NetWare client is used, but I am having problems when accessing the DFS junctions with a CIFS connection. When I try to open a folder that is a DFS junction, I get an error that say that the path is not accessable. I can go to the volume that the junction is pointing to without any problems. In the documentation, it says to DFS enable the virtual server with iManager. This is supposed to be done under File Protocols -> CIFS/AFP. The problem is any changes that are made do not get saved. Is there a way to enable this without having to use iManager, or am I doing something wrong? We are using a AD domain, so we are using domain authentication with CIFS. I recall seeing a TID saying that for this to work, Microsft DFS needed to be disabled on the workstation. Unfortunately this isn't something that we can do, we are pushing out some group policies thru AD and the MicroSoft admins tell me that MS DFS has to be enabled for that to work.

Any insights would be appreciated,


Jeff Blomendahl
University of Kansas Medical Center