I need to expand the array on my main groupwise server that holds our postoffices, but I have a few questions. I have done this before using the HP/Compaq online array utility (CPQONLIN.NLM) and nssmu on a regular file server and it went smoothly.

I assume this is safe to do on my groupwise server ? If so nothing else I need to do besides having a good backup ?

Also what type of performance hit I am going to take while the array is expanding ? Last time I ran it, I added 2 drives and it took more than 24hrs. to expand the array on my file server. I didn't notice any performance issues while it was expanding, but am thinking since there is a lot more file read/writes taking place on the Groupwise server I may run into performance issues. About a year ago I lost a drive in the raid 5 array on this server and while the array was rebuilding it really brought the server to a crawl. If this is the case I will put it in during off hours, although this is difficult to do with an email server since it is always processing mail.