i have a NW6.5.3 Server.
i am attempting to add 2 additonal scsi drives to our production IBM
xSeries 345 server with a ServerRaid 5i controller.
Sounds impressive, but its not = ]

According to the IBM documentation, in order to install the new ServerRaid
driver, i have to:
1) unload driver_name
(where driver_name is either IPSRAID or AACRAID)
example: unload IPSRAID <enter>

2) load hdetect
(and proceed about loading the newer driver, blah blah blah)

My problem is with step 1.
i have never seen reference to this IPSRAID or AACRAID.
How can i tell which command to run for my server?
is this command safe?
What would happen if i inadvertantly ran the wrong one?
How can if i should unload IPSRAID or AACRAID?

Thank you for any insight.