Kind of an easy Q:

We have a server. Running Netware 6.5.3

I will be shutting it down, slapping in a new drive for more space, and
then turning the server back on.

Netware will see the new Free Space. All i need to do is allocate it.
(create a new volume, like VOL2, and be on my way).

I know how do this volume using iManager.
Unfortunately, this server does NOT have iManager loaded!!!
(or if it did, then the URL isnt working)

is there a way i can use Consoleone to create the new volume to use the new

any insight/tid/coolsolution would be appreciated.

= ]

wild thought:
could i use that local version of iManager (you install & run it locally
from your workstation) to create my volume, even if the Server isnt
configured to run the web-based imanager version? if so, where can i
download this version?

thanks again.