Hi Guys/Gals,

First, thanks for a great Forum.

OK, Here's my issue. I am at a small Law firm (<20 users) we are running:

NW 6.0 Small Business SP3
Groupwise 7.0 SP1 (upgraded deom 6.0)
Veritas Backup Exec

Most are Win XP Pro, SP1a or SP2
Some are Win 2000 SP3
Various Novell Clients
Trend Micro Virus Protection
MS Office Pro XP
Various WP versions, 10, 11 or 12

We are seeing file corruption on the word/wp documents directory. No
other files on the server are getting corrupt (GW etc, all OK). All of
the corrupt documents show up in windows explorer as "blue" rather
than "black" (I *think* the blue files are compressed files and the black
are uncompressed?). Not all of the compressed (blue) files are corrupt,
just some of them, but it seems as if NONE of the black files (on the
server) ever seem to get corrupt. If I move a compressed file from the
server to the local workstation, it uncompresses and shows up as black.
The document is still corrupt however. These corrupt documents cannot be
opened in word or word perfect.

I have checked the workstations with Trend, Anti-Vir and AVG, all show up
as clean (after removing some minor mal ware issues of course).

I have called MS and Corel, and both either point to each other, or the
Novell File System.

Really want to cover my butt here on the Novell side of things, is there
any way that the NSS volume could be an issue? and can I/ Should I, turn
off file compression (If you even can on an NSS volume). Space is not a
concern, they are only using 25gb of a 72gb drive.

Also, what triggers a file to compress on the server volume?

Thanks Again for the knowledge and assistance.