I recently ran in to a strange failure with mirrored IDE drive. One disk
failed and the pool disappeared. Yet within nssmu the mirror is still
running or states it's at 99% remirrored. I was able to recover the
volume/pool using nss /poolrebuild with varify. All is good. But blows up
when i try remirroring with errors similar to TID10097738, data
corruption . I have to do the whole process listed in TID's below. broke
mirror, server -z"/poolautodeact=SYS", mm snap delete all, TID1006577,
TID10086887 on aborting mirror. No luck.
It appears that with only one disk it thinks its mirroring. Unfutunally
there is only one volume and thats sys. Backups are good. Is format and
reinstall my only way at this point or is there some other method for