I have a client who is in the middle of rebulding a 130GB NSS Pool on a
NetWare 6.0 SP2 server. The volume was full (50% data + 50% purgeable
space). He started the pool rebuild and now it's progressed to about 95%
but the pace of the rebuild has slowed down to incredibly slow (sitting at
95%). It could take another 24-36 hours at this speed, which they can't

I've never cancelled out of a pool rebuild before, and feel there is a
potential for data corruption to occur if we do (ie reboot the box during
the rebuild). I did plan to upgrade him to NW60SP5 with latest nss code,
then rebuild again (with the /purge option) once we get out of this situation.

Anyone got experience with exiting a pool rebuild before it's complete ?
What are the chances of the data being intact afterwards? Look forward to
your feedback.