For some reason, 2 of our new servers are having trouble booting up with
powerpath loaded. Without even wondering why these last two are having
issues when the first 30 were fine, here's what I've noticed.

- The boot up always hangs at 'scanning for devices and partitions'
- I can fix the problem by one of three ways:
Unloading powerpath (not an option)
Commenting out the ACPIDRV.PSM in the startup.ncf
In monitor, turning off 'autoscan for devices'

Can anyone tell me what ACPIDRV is used for besides hyperthreading, which
we don't even use. If I could just remove that from the startup.ncf without
affecting anything, that would be great.

Oh yeah, I'd also like to know why this just popped up on the 40th server
when everything's the same. Oh well.