I was running a small test server with dual IDE drives. Mirroring of the
Netware data was was done through Netware.

Unfortunately, the drive acting as the master IDE drive decided to end its
life. In the process, it corrupted data on the second drive.

I have used Portlock Storage Manager to do a sector copy to a slightly
larger drive - there were some sector errors. On the new drive, Netware
sees the pool, PSM indicates that there is a volume in the pool, but I am
unable to activate the pool and not able to do a pool rebuild.

When I try to activate the pool, I get an error 20810.
When I try to do a pool rebuild, I get an error "Unable to validate super

System is running NW65 SP5.

....Since system was running tests, it was only backed up periodically when
there was useful data to keep. It just happens that the crash occurred
shortly before the next backup was started, and I would really like to try
to at least salvage some of the data.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.