Hoping Ive got the right forum.......... Ive tried in the client forum
aswell but it seems that its not the client as the same symptoms apear
from a linux workstation.

nw6.5 / xpsp2(4.91sp2 client)

created a dropbox and given users filescan,create,write. Idea being that
they can drop a finished file off and not access it again.

The user copy and pastes the file into the drop box. This works fine
except when the file that is being copied is located on the same server
as the drop box. In this case it seems to want to make the file first and
then add its contents, which of course it cant do because Im not giving
modify rights.

Problem being that the users work areas are on the same server (diffrent
volume and more rights). Only way I can get them to get the files accross
is to save locally and then transfer.

Any ideas ?