We are running an IBM DS300 SAN with iSCSI connections to two Netware OES
servers. There are five volumes on the SAN, including GroupWise, that the
two servers mount. The servers are Proliant DL360s and I'm using the built
in 1GB NIC as an iSCSI host. (Wish Novell would make drivers for hardware
based host cards!)

Most of the time things are very fast and it works well. But every once in
a while things slow to a crawl. It appears to be related to the GroupWise
server because when it slows, access to all volumes mounted on the GW server
are slow and the other server is still fast.

During slowdown, the CPU usage on the GW server is under 10% (normal) and
the graph of disk IO from the Storage screen in Remote Mangager shows low
(normal) throughput.

I have put on the latest iSCSI patches.

Two questions:
1. Are there settings to the NIC I can make in INetCfg that will help tune
it for iSCSI use?
2. Are there any iSCSI diagnostics I can run to help me find the slowdown?