we have a Win 2003 Storage server that acts as a iscsi target and we want to
connect it to a NW65sp5 cluster with iscsi65sp5a. We changed the buffersizes
on Windows Server according TID 10091888 to get connection.
On first NWserver i can start "ion" and "iscsinit connect Winserver" before
clusterservices load.
But after command "list devices" or "scan for new devices" i get console

4.09.2006 14.20.46 : SERVER-5.70-1534 [nmID=B0013]
Device "[V060-A1-D2:0] SBS WinTarget Disk f/w:2.00" deactivated by
due to device failure.

The only way to reactivate the device is to "ioff" and start again.

Any help?

Thank you