We have a Netware 6.5 sp5 with update 1 server. It is our main file / print
server and also has Zenworks installed. I have Archive Manager set up to
use snapshots to allow for archiving of open files. Many times if I try to
unload Archive Manager by running ArkStop the java class
..com.novell.ark.ArkManager is never stopped. When I attempt to restart the
server, the server will start to go down, but never complete. The only way
to handle this is to power off / on. Also, if I do a MM Snap List it will
show that there is still an active snapshot from an archive process earlier
in the day. Sometimes I can delete the snapshot, but many times I have to
do Pool Rebuilds before I can delete the snapshot.

This also seems to be affecting our backup process. We are using BackupExec
9.2. The problem with Archive Manager seems to cause the server to become
unresponsive during the backup process. The server will show 90 to 100% CPU
utilization and the backup process will never end. Once again it is not
possible to down or reset the server, the only option is to power off /on.
I can prevent the hang up during backup by making sure Archive Manager and
the .com.novell.ark.ArkManager processes are unloaded completely before
starting backup. But, as discussed above, many times the only way to
accomplish this is to power cycle the server.

Any ideas on what is causing these issues? What can be done to correct


Bradley Johnson