I am having a problem creating a new NSS pool and volume.

We are using netware 6.5 with sp5 loaded and n65nss5a.
NSS.NLM is version 3.24.10 (10 March 2006)
We are using Novel cluster services.

I have tried to create a pool using remote Manager, the process seems to
work but when completed the new pool does not exist.

I have tried to create a volume and pool using iManager, the process goes
right through to completion then comes up with an error "Error: Server is
not a member of the cluster....." and does not create anything.

I have also tried to create a pool using NSSMU, I get as far as entering an
IP address, I enter the first three digits then try to enter the next but
can't. On exiting and trying again the disk partition I selected is no
longer shown as being free.

I know that there's a beta fix for NSS but don't like applying betas on a
live system especially with such a critical nlm.

What should I do?