I've been using mirror and break mirror on NSS partitions to move them =
from one disk to another disk, in class to show how easy this is compared =
to Backup/Restore and Server/consolidation/migration Tool. I've also done =
it in my own test and production environment.

What I have is 1 NSS partition on an old Disk 1, I then insert a new disk =
2 on a different controller in the same server. Using NSSMU I then create =
a mirror of the parttition(s) on disk 1 on disk2 and let the mirror =
process run its processes. (i mean all partitions including SYS)
Then I delete the old disk on the mirror set, and now I have all my data =
on the new disk.
Of course the "disks" in question should be RAID 5 "sets" or placed on a =
SAN to provide full redundance, or alternative add another new disk to =
complete the mirror I just created.

It all works just fine but Creating the mirror creates a RAID/mirror =
Partition ID and this ID does not go away when breaking the mirror =
(removing the old partion from the mirror set.) In a RAID /SAN setting =
this is annoying because I dont need to have a mirror anymore.

I've even done a SAN migration this way, by putting the FC card of the new =
SAN on the server while keeping the old SAN FC in there, creating the =
mirror of everything on the new SAN (all NSS partitions including SYS and =
the DOS boot), breaking the mirror and continuing on the new SAN.

But that extra ID annoys me, eventhough I dont think it does anything =

Could anyone give me any technical reason why this could be a bad idea - =
or even better let me know how to get rid of that anoying extra Mirror ID =

KR Bjrn