Hello all,

I have a four node NW6.5 SP5 cluster services version 1.81 setup. I am a
Master CNE with 17 years experience, and I have never seen this problem
before, but at the time, I could recreate it. From NWADMIN, or
ConsoleOne, or from the server console EDIT utility, looking at the
particular directory, more than 25 files seem to be missing, (but not all
of the files in the directory are missing, only some 25 of them).

But when looking from a workstation using NetWare Client 4.91 SP2, all the
files are there. Conversely, using NetWare Client 4.91 SP1, the files
will be missing. The specific files are not flagged in a any special way,
nor are there any special trustee permissions associated with the files.
Just a standard group object with all trustee rights to the directory.

For the first time ever, I ran a nss pool rebuild to completion, but that
didn't make a difference. I also ran a local database DSREPAIR on all
servers in the tree until no errors. For now, the workaround is to
upgrade the Novell Client version on the workstation that can't see the
files to Nwclient 4.91 SP2, but the staff who discovered the problem are
pressing IT as to why the problem did not exist that particular morning,
but was discovered in the afternoon. I failed over the volume to another
cluster node, but that also made no difference.

I do remember that at the time of the problem, the server logger did
say "NSS Released 374513 cache pages upon request".

Is this temporary problem from two days ago the result of dynamic server
memory allocation?

Here two days later, the files are now all there, when displayed from the
edit utility on the server console, and from NWADMIN. And so the problem
seems to have gone away.

I am using patched NSS version 3.24.01 (March 10, 2006)
Any help will be appreciated.