Hi to All!

I have a problem with a Netware 5.0 server. The 5.0 server crashed because
it couldn't access c:\nwserver, so I rebooted and it stopped when it tried
to load server.exe from c:\nwserver, it stated that it could not access c
drive. It is an MS-DOS boot partition. I did a DIR at c:\ and it worked
fine. I changed directory to c:\nwserver and that worked fine. I tried to
do a DIR of c:\nwserver and got the message that there was an error reading
c drive. My hopes are that the Netware partitions are still intact and that
I can access them some way. I know there maybe alot of you out there that
maybe have dealt with a situation similar to this, I am looking for some

I have a funtioning Netware 6.0 server and had thought about slaving the HD
(both HD's are IDE channel) from the 5.0 srvr to the 6.0 srvr and maybe I
could access the info in the NW partition through NSS that is running on the
6.0 srvr. I think the partition on the 5.0 srvr is a traditional volume
(instead of an NSS), but I'm not positive. Anyone ever done this?

I had also thought of trying to reinstall NW 5.0 on the srvr with the bad HD
and hope that it would see the NW partitions and not format them. Anyone
ever done this?

Like I stated earlier, I need some ideas here. The info on the bad HD is
critical (it's always critical, right?), and the client didn't keep reliable