I have two Netware 6.0 servers, both on latest support packs. One is
"primary", the other is "standby".

Through third party software, the standby server has its partition on its
raid array exported out so that it appears as a local partition to the
primary. The primary was mirroring it's raid array to this virtual array
through the mirroring function in ConsoleOne. These are all NSS partitions.

Something happened (I don't know what) and the partition on the primary
server is gone. It is free, unpartitioned space. All the data is now on
the standby server partition. We didn't even realize this until the network
link between the two went down and the pool became unavailable and we
couldn't get it back until the link came back up. At least the mirroring

What I need to do is get the partition on the primary server back in order.
I've already recreated the partition on the primary server array but am not
sure how I should proceed. Should I recreate the mirror? This would be the
fastest way to get all data copied on to the primary server's partition but
then what steps do I take to switch the partitions roles? Or should I get a
good backup, take the standby server and its array offline, and then
recreate the pool and all the volumes on the primary and restore the backup?

Thanks for any help.