Netware 6.5, Netware Client 4.91.1, Windows XP, and Architectural Desktop
2006 (which is AutoCAD 2006 underneath, we have been having trouble where
user1 opens file1. If user2 tries to open file2 as well, they get a
message from AutoCAD, "Cannot find the specified drawing file. Please
verify that the network drive is available and the file exists."

If the same user1 is logged in at both workstations, and attempts to
access the file, the second workstation to access the file gets the proper
message that the file is in use, and giving the option of opening a read-
only copy.

First, we found that turning off the File Caching in the Netware Client
properties at the workstation corrects the behavior. However, I'm
wondering if this is going to hurt workstation-network performance, or if
there is some other setting that would be better to change.

Kurt Johnson