The option in the title does not seem to be respected by our server.
Files are being decompressed during archival even though we have less
than 10 % disk space free (yesterday, during one of the backups, our
data volume filled up -- i'm theorizing the backup caused this to
happen as it happened early morning and several users had exceeded
quotas AND I noticed files being decompressed while archiving files to

We have 2 volumes, using the same pool : DATA and MAIL (both are NSS
volumes) Each have a volume quota of 0 KB (grow to pool size as

Volume attributes for DATA and MAIL:

DATA - Salvage, Hardlinks, Snapshot file-level (Copy On Write),
Compression, User Space Restrictions, Directory Quotas, User

MAIL - Hardlinks, User Space Restrictions

The server is Netware 6.5 SP5 with all post-SP5 patches applied.

Here are the compression settings we have set under 'common file

Minimum Compression Percentage Gain: 15
Enable file compression: On
Maximum Concurrent Compressions: 6
Convert Compressed To Uncompressed Option: 1
Decompress Percent Disk Space Free To Allow Commit: 10
Decompress Free Space Warning Interval: 31 Min 18.5 Sec
Deleted Files Compression Option: 1
Days Untouched Before Compression: 10

Would any of these things cause this option to not be respected? From
what i've read on the knowledge base, these options apply to both
traditional and NSS volumes. Also, I should mention we have not had
this problem (files being decompressed while being backed up or
archived) until just recently.