I have two Netware 6.0 servers, both on latest support packs. One is
"primary", the other is "standby".

Through third party software, the standby server has its partition on its
raid array exported out so that it appears as a local partition to the
primary. The primary is mirroring it's raid array to this virtual array
through the mirroring function in ConsoleOne. These are all NSS partitions.

If the network link between the two goes down such that the standby server
becomes unavailable, the mirroring is interrupted (expected) and the pool
that is on the mirror gets deactivated.

At this point we have to go to the console and run:
nss /poolactivate=vol1
mount all
This activates the pool and remounts all the Logical Volumes and everything
is fine, even with the standby server unavailable. Once the link comes back
up, the mirroring process picks up automatically.

Is there any way to not have the pool deactivate when the mirroring is
interrupted or is this just the nature of the beast? Most people have to
log out and log back in to reconnect their network drives. We also usually
have to unload and load NDPSM to get many of the printers working again.