Hi all,

I have two storage arrays connected to my SAN and visable from my
Netware Cluster. One is the old array, one is the new array (which
is where all the production pools/volumes are). The old array will
be sitting in another building connected back via fibre.

What I want to do is simply once a week take a copy of certain volumes
and dump to the other array.

So far I've got two ways of doing it that I can see -

1. NSS Snapshot.
My issue with this is according to the doco, NSS Snapshots for a
shared pool requires the destination to be on the SAME pool as the
original. Why, I'm not quite sure, as that makes no sense. In any
case, that's useless to me, because I want the snapshot to go to
physically different disk, which means a different pool.

Even if Snapshot did support creating a snapshot of a shared pool on a
different destination pool, I'm not sure this is the best way to go
anyway -- because I want the second array to be relatively
independant. With Snapshot, if the link to that array goes down or I
want to do stuff with it whilst the production stuff is still running,
the original pool(s) will possibly get corrupted. At least, the doco
says it will.. because the destination is offline. Using snapshot
will add complexity to the production environment which I don't want
to do.

2. Server Consolidation & Migration Utility.
I've only recently come across this utility and found it to be
awesome. I used this to copy some of the data across to the new
hardware in fact, and it copied 250 GB in around 7 hours -- over the
LAN. So I thought, how about I use the "Server Based Processing" to
create a script file, use CRON to schedule it, and use this utility
to copy the data for me on a periodic basis? If I'm smart, I'd be
able to make the copy entirely SAN based, and therefore even faster as
effectively the source and destination servers would be the same box.

In theory sounds good, however, the "syncronise" option (ie after the
copy process, delete files on the destination no longer existing on
the source) is not available when you create a Server Based project!!
(Why isn't it !?!)

Okay. So now I'm stuck. Doing it without the synronise option would
mean the copy will just get infinitely bigger because deleted files on
the production environment will never be deleted from the copy.

Another option is to delete the volume and re-create it before doing
the file copy using SCMU. The problem here is firstly NSS volumes
don't get deleted straight away, and second, I don't know of a command
line method to delete a volume, purge it, and create a new one.

Next option, use something like toolbox to delete the entire contents
of the volume then do a purge, then use SCMU. Problem here is that
would be really slow. Toolbox would take forever to delete a whole
volume, and so it doesn't lock up my console, you'd tell it to operate
in silent mode, which ofcourse means I wouldn't know when it had
finished !

Given all the above, has anyone got any suggestions for me on how to
overcome any of these issues that might assist in obtaining my end
goal? I can't believe I'm running into software limitations at every

Thanks heaps.