Gudday Guys,

I have a four server cluster running an active-active Virtual Office and
Netstorage Front end in our DMZ to provide storage access from home and
inside our WAN for our students. I have three active servers and one for
failover. They are all NW6.5 SP5 with 4 GB RAM and are just running the

On all the servers, I am starting to regularly get:

"cache memory allocator out of available memory" followed by:

"Short term memory allocator is out of memory.
XXX attempts to get more memory failed.
Request size in bytes XXXXXXXXX from module NCPL.NLM"

This looks like a memory leak issue to me.

I've searched for TIDS and there was one that dealt with a memory leak in
NCPL.NLM for Zen and XTier. I see the fixes for Zen but not XTier.

Is anyone else getting this? Has anyone got any suggestions to resolve it?


Bill G.