Gudday Guys,

I have a four server cluster running an active-active Virtual Office and
Netstorage Front end in our DMZ to provide storage access from home and
inside our WAN for our students. I have three active servers and one for
failover. They are all NW6.5 SP5 with 4 GB RAM and are just running the

There are three cluster resources (basically just the IP address) set up
as "netstorage1, 2 and 3" and mounted one per active server (one stays as
a failover). The outside NATs for these resources are set up in a DNS
Round Robin to try to load balance a bit with the site name
of "netstorage".

All the conduits work and I can access and upload/download files from the
inside and from out on the internet

BUTTT! I can't manage to download (and save locally) a file from my
central storage if is is greater in size than about 30MB. I can upload a
58MB or larger file TO the central storage but not vice versa. I can do it
both ways from inside.

The Error message I get is:

"Internet Explorer cannot download fileX from
The connection with the server was reset."

Any clues?

I have applied the previously offered fix by Massimo of the
servername=ipaddress in the sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\netstorage\web-
inf\classes\ file.
I also sped things up a bit by applying the Cool solutions fix of turning
off TCP delayed acknowledgements.

Still no joy.

Is it DNS related?

Over to you guys?


Bill G.