I am having a problem with user's Windows Explorer hanging for a long
period of time when simply browsing through directories.

I migrated this server across the wire to a clean identical machine from
NW5.1sp8, traditional volmes, to NW6.5sp5 (OESSP2)NSS Volumes. All went
well. Since then I have had reports that users simply browsing (using
windows explorer) through directories on different volumes are having
very slow screen changes between directories (minutes in some cases),
even those with 10 small files in the directory. When the old Windows
FileManager is used during the locked period, it also has slow directory
change times even when looking at a different server. After a few minutes
the hour glass clears and both programs access directories find for a few
tries, then slow again. This is accross several workstations. Client is
4.91SP2, and back. Other updated NW65 servers are fine. Older NW51
servers are fine. Thanks.