I've just installed NW 6.5 SP5 (OES) on a new Dell PowerEdge 1950 server.
The server has an integrated PERC 5/i controller that uses the
MEGA_SAS.HAM driver. When the MEGA_SAS.HAM driver is loaded from
STARTUP.NCF, the serve pauses for a bit and then displays an "INIT FAIL"
message. Since the MEGA_SAS.HAM driver doesn't load, the SYS: volume
doesn't mount, etc.

I have found a workaround, however. If I put a second call to MEGA_SAS.HAM
in the STARTUP.NCF file, the second attempt to load the driver works.

The MEGA_SAS.HAM driver I am using is version 1.00.08 March 29, 2006. I
downloaded it from Dell's website yesterday. The PERC 5/i's firmware is
version 5.0.1-0030 (the latest that I could find).

Anyone know of a more current driver? Any MEGA_SAS.HAM parameters that may
help me? Other ideas?