I'm getting bus resets on the disk - looking at adaptec support site found
The driver files: ADPU320.HAM, ADPT160M.HAM, AIC78U2.HAM, AHA2940.HAM are
embedded with Netware 5.1, 6.0 and 6.5.
Important: In Netware 6.5 the ADPU320.HAM driver does NOT support the
Adaptec SCSI cards 29320A-R, 29320ALP-R and 39320A-R.

Note: The HostRAID function on the above listed Ultra320 SCSI cards is not
supported in Netware. Only SCSI drivers are available.

We are not using HostRAID function.
Is NW6.5 driver supported for this card?
I cannot contact Adaptec support because I don't have the packaging anymore
(need serial number for email support)
However, on their web site under 29320ALP-R link they have a driver download
for NW6.5 - but it appears to be the same version (v3.01.13) as with NW6.5
What the heck?
Anybody else have issues with this card?
I am getting external bus resets on the disk device while connected to ML530
G2 server. Built in termination is enabled on the card and on the other
Any ideas?