We have 3 Novell Netware 6.5 servers. A couple of years ago with the
installation of the servers we chose the following Pool/Partition sizes:

300Mb dos partition
30GB DATA partition
--4 GB pool (SYSpool)
----SYS volume (nss)
--26 GB pool (DATApool)
----Data Volume (nss)
----Prog volume (nss)

The size of the SYS volume is getting close to the 4 GB.
We install additional Service pack from the DATA volume and we place the
backups of the Service Packs on the DATA volume.

We would like to increase the SYSpool size, but before we can do this we
have to decrease the size of the DATApool. We have been looking for a Tool
or Utility that can do this but haven’t found it yet.

The only way we know how to do this is remove the complete DATA pool.
Increase the SYSpool size and recreate the DATApool.
This would mean we would have to copy all our installed applications back
on the newly created Prog Volume. I think this would mean we have to set
back all the file rights of the applications by hand.

Our questions:
-Is there, by now, a way to decrease a Pool size? (I fear this is not possible)

- If this indeed is not possible is there an easier way to get the
filerights of the applications on the newly created Prog volume?

I hope there is someone who knows a way to save us a lot of work….